Welcome to Our New Website

This year has been challenging and unexpected for many of us. As the quarantine took place across the nation, The Auto Club Group came together even stronger during a time when social distancing was recommended, and connecting proved to be more difficult. Despite these obstacles, we discovered ways to pivot and meet the changing needs of our members and community.

One example of this pivot is the recent grant award that The Auto Cub Group Foundation provided to the Detroit Public School’s Connected Futures program. This grant award helped to provide technology for students and families as they made the sudden transition to virtual learning. Also, the Foundation supported an initiative to provide laptops to organizations, allowing them to perform virtual child safety seat checks amidst the pandemic. Simultaneously, our team pivoted our work style, as we found creative ways to collaborate in preparation of the launch for The Auto Club Group Foundation.

Now, we are proud to introduce The Auto Club Group Foundation's website. For us, this website represents the Auto Club Group's continued and expanding commitment to the community. We hope this website helps to make our grants more accessible and our mission clearer because now more than ever, we believe it is important for us to do so. If you are located within The Auto Club Group's footprint and believe your organization shares the same priorities, we hope to hear from you! Thank you for visiting our new website.